"...Every time you find the right, the necessary, book for a child - a book about sadness overcome, unfairness battled, hearts mended - you perform the best kind of magic. It doesn't matter if its about a gorilla or a nuclear physicist, a puppeteer, a motherless girl, or a clueless fish. If its the right book, you've allowed a child to make a leap out of her own life, with all its limitations and fears - and yes, sometimes sadness - into another, to imagine new possibilities for herself and for her world.  Every time you book-talk a new title, every time you wander the stacks trying to find that elusive, well-thumbed series paperback, every time you give just the right book to just the right child, you're saying, 'You, my friend, have potential.'"

~Katherine Applegate, author,

in her June 30, 2013

Newberry Medal acceptance speech



In case you need them, the county posted a page with links to LOTS of great resources!
Click this to go to the county's Home Learning Page

Don't forget our new daily Class Schedule:  

Monday = Reading and Library   
Tuesday = Geography and PE (and Strings)  
Wednesday = Math and Music (and Gifted/SIGNET)  
Thursday =  Science and Art  
Friday =  (special meeting) and Guidance  
Sat/Sun = Catch-up!  


We have continued to research all of the regions of North America, finishing with our study of the Caribbean next Tuesday. Student projects are being shared on-line and on TEAMS. 

Click here to visit the All About Mexico Flipgrid and see what students have posted!    


In Mathematics, we finished out the year with a FRACTIONS review. It was nice to see students practicing the skills they learned back in November and December! 

Click this link if you would like to see videos on your student's Math Rocks Flipgrid



This week, Mrs. Johnson reviewed parts of the process for creating experiments! Students made their own experiment and shared with their peers in class. 

Click this if you would like to go to her Science Flipgrid.


On Clever, students can access several READING programs to use over the summer. Please explore them now! I suggest Whooos Reading, MyOn, iReady Reading, IXL, Newsela, and Vocabulary.com. All of these (and more) are available for free to students through Clever. 

Students can access Clever by clicking this link and signing in using their computer login information. 

 Image result for Writing
Please use Clever to access the QUILL program. Students can access Clever by clicking this link and signing in using their computer login information. Quill is a neat little program that helps students improve their writing. PLEASE consider using it daily! You can also practice typing with Typing.com through Clever!

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I firmly believe that everyone should be able to read something they love. Please help your child to love reading with our Scholastic Book orders. Our class code is V7F3W.