Welcome to Occoquan Elementary School.  Let me start by saying that it is an honor and privilege to be the Assistant Principal at OES!  My goal is to serve as a positive role model demonstrating respect for the rights of all people, as well as to promote the value of an education.

My vision is to continue to value education by providing all of our students with the best opportunity to learn and develop their total selves.  To accomplish this, we will establish a climate that sets high standards not only for academics, but for behavior and respect for others, as well.

Research is now proving what educators have always known, and that is that students whose parents are actively involved in their education at school and at home, do significantly better academically.  With this thought in mind, I encourage every parent to get involved in your child's education in any way possible.  Joining the PTA, serving as a chaperone on field trips, volunteering for class projects, attending school sponsored activities are just some of the ways you can demonstrate to your child that their education is important to you.

I welcome the opportunity to meet parents and community members to discuss the various programs and strategies utilized here at OES.  Your children and our students are the future; by working together we can ensure that they are well prepared to thrive in this constantly changing technological world.

Mr. Knight