My name is Buddy Lint, and I am the principal here at The "O".  This is my third year here at Occoquan, but I also have seven years experience as a principal in PWCS.

I have two daughters, Gracie and Lucy, who attend Bull Run Middle School and Mt. View Elementary School.  My wife is a fifth-grade teacher at Mt. View Elementary School.

I am very involved in my community, as I also help run the lacrosse program on the western end of the county, and I coach many of my daughter's teams.

I expect to continue the success that Occoquan has had here in the past, and help make it grow into something greater.  My philosophy is to Work Hard, Play Harder!!!

Read, Green, Black, and Blue.  My tribe is my crew. We are O-C-C-O-Q-U-A-N my school is a perfect 10 at The "O"!