School Dismissal Procedures

Students will no longer be allowed to be dismissed from the office between the times of 3:15 and 3:50 pm due to major traffic disruptions to the flow of traffic.

If you need to pick your child up early, you will need to do so before 3:15 pm. Otherwise, you will need to wait until 3:50 pm to come into the office to pick them up.

We are getting a lot of complaints from community members about the amount of traffic that we have flooding out into the main roads, so we are trying to combat this as much as we possibly can.


**Car Riders and Car Rider Line**

Please, I need everyone to only make a right-hand turn out of the parking lot. The state has put a sign up right below the stop sign because there are double lines on the road, and you are not allowed to turn in that direction.

Also, parents, I need you to stop walking your child to the back of the school. This is not allowed.

Lastly, no parent should be getting out of the car to help their children. We have staff here for that. This is a safety precaution for all.


Thank you for your understanding!