The Trumpet of the Swan Interactive Read Aloud

Please tune in each night, starting March 1, at 6:00 pm for an interactive read aloud of our VROB (Virginia Reads One Book), The Trumpet of the Swan.  Each night will feature a different Occoquan staff member reading part of the book.  You might even find teachers teaming up! 

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Meeting ID: 886 8987 9594
Passcode: 438837

Previous Recordings:

Chapters 1-2 (March 1st)

Chapter 3 (March 2nd)

Chapter 4 (March 3rd)

Chapters 5-6 (March 4th)

Chapter 7 (March 5th)

Chapters 8-9 (March 8th)

Chapters 10-11 (March 9th)

Chapter 12 (March 10th)

Chapters 13-14 (March 11th)

Chapter 15 (March 12th)

Chapter 16 (March 15th)

Chapter 17 (March 16th)

Chapters 18-19 (March 17th)

Chapter 20 (March 18th)