4th grade
We hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy during this time. We are excited to take on this experience together with you all. Please refer to our Class Canvas page for assignments, discussions and materials. 

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 Ms. Domenici
Mr. Infante
Mrs. Provorse
Ms. Santos


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Here is our supply list for the upcoming school year-


Fourth Grade Student Supply List

2020- 2021 School Year


  • 2 pair of scissors
  • Pencils (2 packs of 24… NO mechanical pencils, please) pre-sharpened if possible
  • 20 Glue Sticks
  • 3 composition notebooks (at least 200 pages each)
  • 1 pack of colored pencils
  • 10 highlighters
  • 2 packs of wide ruled notebook paper
  • 2 packs of eraser tops
  • 1 pack of Post-Its – colored if possible
  • 2 four packs of thin tip dry erase markers
  • 2 packs of 3x5 note cards
  • 1 folder with three prongs

Extra items:

  • Small zip lock bags
  • Large zip lock bags
  • Tissues
  • Clorox Wipes